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We work with International Entrepreneurs who are seeking relationships with Incubators, Angel Investors & Venture Capital Firms

Lucky Penny Capital is a consortium of individuals and companies working together toward a common goal, helping entrepreneurs open and grow their business ventures . They are based out of Calgary, AB and work in association with The Mainstay Business Concierge Consulting Firm, as well as other Joint-Venture Partners.

They work together with Incubators, Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors as a syndicate, all with the same interests in mind.   They focus on, promote and support the development of early venture companies, start-ups, and established companies that wish to diversify and significantly grow over the next few years.  With our business and marketing expertise, innovating corporate structures has been our craft with a 100% success rate. 

Canada Startup Visa Program

They are happy to provide a no obligation, pre-contract viability and success assessment. They will meet with you to understand your goals, your background, your business idea and make sure you are ready to participate in the Canada Start-Up Visa Program.


“Writing business plan was a daunting task for us. We knew what we wanted to achieve, had a clear picture in mind but didn’t know where to initiate. 

We had hit a goldmine of practical information. Lucky Penny Capital did everything…”

Full Service

They work with Early Ventures, Start-ups, Established Businesses and International Entrepreneurs who are looking to open a business in Canada and/or raise capital from Angel Investors or Venture Capital Firms. Whether you are looking for a full business plan, a pitch deck, Pro-Forma Financial projections or not sure what you need, we have an experienced team that has worked with hundreds of companies on four continents.

“We had hit a goldmine of practical information. Lucky Penny Capital did everything…”

Pitstop Canada PRND Inc.

Lucky Penny Capital

Suite 2010 – 520 5 Ave SW, Calgary, AB