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About Lucky Penny Capital

Lucky Penny Capital is a consortium of individuals and companies working together toward a common goal, helping entrepreneurs open and grow their business ventures . They are based out of Calgary, AB and work in association with The Mainstay Business Concierge Consulting Firm, as well as other Joint-Venture Partners (as needed). They work together with Incubators, Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors as a group, all with the same interests in mind. They focus on, promote and support the development of early venture companies, start-ups, and established companies that wish to diversify and significantly grow over the next few years.  Their combined business and marketing expertise, innovating corporate structures has been their speciality enjoying a 100% success rate. 

About Kevin Mix

Founder and director of Lucky Penny, Kevin has an extensive background in Recruitment within multiple industries.  Working directly with C-Suite Executives to help them grow their companies through their people, Kevin has built many long-lasting relationships at this level.  He has worked with many Startups, and established firms, in both recruitment and consulting capacities and has a passion for helping businesses grow.  Kevin is a University of Calgary Alum with a BA Psychology and Political Science.

Spheres Of Operation & Focus

One of Lucky Penny’s spheres of operation has been to focus on companies in early stage development, and to aid clients within that space. Lucky Penny maintains those initiatives to provide abounding quality service to company’s in the Start-Up phase.  In conjunction with that, Lucky Penny serves clients with established businesses who are looking for professional insight and support — without the long-term cost and commitment.  Lucky Penny’s goal is to leverage their experience and strategic partnerships, to ensure that their clients have their best chance for success.

The Start-Up Visa Program (SUV Program)

The IRCC government approved SUV route to immigrating to Canada, has been a popular strategy of Lucky Penny Capital and Mainstay Business Concierge, used to successfully help entrepreneurs immigrate to Canada.  As a team, they work to provide services to new-comers that will support the Start-Up of businesses in Canada and help them achieve permanent residency. The steps and focus of services in this process include the following:

  • Pre-Contract Viability & Success Probability Assessment
  • Phase 1 Engagement: In-Depth Business Analysis
  • Phase 2 Completion & Incubator Representation
  • Phase 3: Success, Incubator Enrolment & Support

See more Information on the SUV Program. Click Here

Real Life Hands-On Experience

The team is well-versed with multi-faceted experience in many industries, including oil and gas, cannabis, hospitality/tourism, IT, blockchain/cryptocurrency, bio-medical tech and film.  They are connected with entrepreneurs with diverse experience and proven success.  

An Expert In Valuation With Perspective

The team members are analysts by trade, and pride themselves on problem solving. Often, problems that seem overly difficult to solve — boil down to management issues, which are rarely identified internally. Regardless of the source of the problem, Lucky Penny can provide the outside perspective required to solve issues.

A Full Strategic Approach – Cost Effective

From business plans to raising capital, investors expect to see certain parameters are met.  From an evaluation of your business plan — to a full strategic review of your idea, business model, market and sales strategy — 

… Lucky Penny will help you avoid making costly mistakes. 

You will be be focused on doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons! Therefore you won’t be spending energy, time, effort and money in a direction that can impede progress. LPC’s network and advice will help your business find out what is holding you back and help push you forward to entrepreneurial success.

Let them provide you with the professional hands-on support to meet your needs without the long-term cost or commitment. 

Mainstay Business Concierge in association with LPC

The Mainstay Business Concierge Team (Greg & Amethyst Dickson), has 60+ years of combined experience in over 38 industries over 4 continents.  As serial entrepreneurs, Mainstay has coached and consulted with 100’s of entrepreneurial start-ups, and with established private and public companies.  Greg Dickson wrote the books on “Tips & Traps For Writing Effective Business Plans” as well as “Tips & Traps For Buying A Business”, published (2007/2006) by McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.  The Spanish version of the Business Planning Book has been adopted as a textbook in University MBA programs in Spain, Mexico and South America.

Piggy Bank Cash Flow™ By Mainstay Business Concierge

Mainstay’s signature program is the “Piggy Bank Cashflow”.  This is a discipline, system and tool that creates financial security, certainty and control.

  • Rapid Cycle Planning™ (Accelerated Action Plan)
  • Business Model Engineering™ (Ideation to Execution)
    • Project Specific Support Or Evaluation
    • Business Plan & Investor Deck Build-Out
    • All-Encompassing Corporate Modelling
  • Cash Flow GPS™ (Analysis, Projections, & Cash Control System)

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Our Mission

Our primary mission is to assist early stage, international entrepreneurs immigrate to Canada through the Canada Startup Visa Program.

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