Consulting Services

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

Lucky Penny Capital’s Comprehensive Range Of Consulting Services:

Early Ventures & Start-Up Consulting Services Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Receive a full strategic evaluation of your business concept:
    • Sales Methodology
    • Business Model
    • Market & Competition Assay
    • Competitor Data
  • Business Plan & Investor Deck Build-Out
    • Building/improving/enhancement
  • Presentation and/or Pitch Coaching
  • Financials
    • Contract CFO or one-time assistance
  • Business Valuation
  • Executive Recruitment
    • Client or potential acquisition/partnership
  • Process evaluation, planning and implementation
  • Staffing requirements (evaluation and hiring)
  • Introduction to potential clients and/or partners
  • Sales:
    • Sales model tweaking
    • Contract sales/marketing team
    • Provide sales advice/personnel
  • Combining the respective services of Incubators, VC’s and Angel Investors.

Established Business Consulting Services (Include but are not limited to): 

  • Note: All services for Start-Ups are included in with Established Business services
  • Project specific support or evaluation
  • Third part valuation of company, acquisition target or potential merger
  • Full strategic evaluation
    • Management, company performance, compensation, etc.
  • Pitch deck improvement
  • “Transparent”, third party advice
  • Multiple future direction options
  • Networking/intros to strategic board members
  • Networking/Intros to potential clients
  • Sales model tweaking
  • Provide sales advice/personnel
  • Marketing strategies

Piggy Bank Cash Flow™ By Mainstay Business Concierge

  • Rapid Cycle Planning™ (Accelerated Action Plan)
  • Business Model Engineering™ (Ideation to Execution)
    • Project Specific Support Or Evaluation
    • Business Plan & Investor Deck Build-Out
    • All-Encompassing Corporate Modelling
  • Cash Flow GPS™ (Analysis, Projections, & Cash Control System)

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