Start-Up Visa (SUV) Program

Toronto, Ontario

Pre-Contract Viability & Success Probability Assessment

We are happy to provide a no obligation, pre-contract viability and success assessment. We will meet with you to understand your goals, your background and understand your business idea.

Phase 1 Engagement: In-Depth Business Analysis

We will research and analyze the current business opportunities in the industry, market and business focus of your choice. We will then screen your business and innovation to best position it for acceptance with a Government of Canada approved Designated Organization (business incubator, angel investor or VC) for the Canada Start Up Visa program. In some situations, it might be to your advantage to buy a business and/or look at franchise opportunities (where appropriate).

Phase 2 Completion & Incubator Representation

This is where your Business Plan, financial projections and the pitch deck are prepared for your incubator or investor submission. We make a presentation to Designated Organization (Incubator/Investor) and represent you in front of the independent review panel. We work with them to process your enrolment and obtain your Letter of Support/Commitment for permanent residency.

Phase 3: Success, Incubator Enrolment & Support

We follow through with you and the incubator to ensure your paperwork, application and enrolment are processed smoothly and efficiently. 

Once your agreement with the Incubator is complete you will receive your Letter of Support and Commitment from the  Designated Organization (Incubator). Then you can begin the process of applying for permanent residency and/or work permit with  the Government of Canada.